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The company BAGATOCORP was founded in July 2018 in Ecuador and  its first consignment  was 3595 banana boxes to Russian market.

Drawing on the experience  of young ambitious command, European management style and more than 20 years old experience of our experts, Bagatocorp bases own corporate philosophy not on buying and selling goods, but the strategic alliance between producers and clients, taking into account the needs and interests each of them.

Thanks to the outstanding team of professionals and strategic planning, we could have achieved the expand of supplying geography up to 15 countries. Today we load more than 150 000 boxes of banana, pineapple and exotic fruits per week.

BAGATOCORP S.A. is a part of companies BAGATO.



To supply all clients around the world with high quality product  at fair price.

To  be careful and be flexible about your requirements, client is the first.

To be a reliable partner and see people happy consuming our products in any point of the globe.

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Our company is based on both external and internal principles of social activity.

Company BAGATOCORP is working in accordance with current legislation of Ecuador. We are doing business bearing in mind ethical norms and we care for the environment. As well BAGATOCORP participates in the implementation of the social programs and projects in partnership with other organizations, government and local communities.

All our employees are guaranteed workplace safety, social and health insurance, decent wages, as well as the possibility of advanced training.


To control the fruit we bring to the world, we created our quality department  that consists of 50 inspectors and 5 supervisors, who control the quality from the baby tree till the container doors are locked.

So we know what fruit you will receive.





Quality has always been our top priority. Our partners have absolute trust in our products, so we work hard to meet their expectations. 

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What else can catch your

attention if not a price?
We are open to discuss it and

give you a good proposition.



We stay honest and open with our clients about doing business and always see future in doing reliable partnership.



Today we supply fruit to 15 countries in the world: Russia, China, Belarus, Greece, Iran, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Georgia, Bulgaria

Russian retail chains have the largest share of the deliveries.