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Company BAGATOCORP exports banana, pineapple and more than 30 items of exotic fruits and berries.


Banana export takes place right from Ecuador.

The total land area of our farmers is 3200 ha and is located in the Сentre, North and South of Ecuador in provinces El Oro, Guayas, Los Ríos and Cotopaxi.

BAGATOCORP farms Ecuador



Cavendish banana is cultivated in Ecuador. It has a brilliant flavour and is capable of withstanding lengthy transport and storage.

The cutting process begins when the plant  reaches the age 10–12 weeks,  depending on seasonality and weight-gain.

fresh green banana cavendish-min (1).jpg
зеленый банан
green banana cavendish.jpg


Calibration — 39°–46 °

Minimum length — 20 cm

Amount of fruit in the branch — 5–9 pcs.

Amount of branches in one packing unit — 15–18 pcs.

organic banana



Organic banana is an absolutely organic product. It grows in ecologically clean regions of Ecuador, where any chemical fertilizer use is prohibited.

The soil is been fertilized by natural, organic components, and the weeding is made by hand. 

The cutting process begins when the plant reaches the age 10–12 weeks, depending on seasonality and weight-gain. 

organic banana
банан органик



Small 'thin-skinned' fruits with 10–12 cm in lengths with bright and expressive notes of sweetness.

As this variety of banana grows in foothills, the air chemical treatment of plants is not been applied.

The cutting process begins when the plant reaches the age 4–5 weeks.

baby mini banana.jpeg
беби банан
red bananas



This variety is distinct due to its banana taste combined with light raspberry notes. Sweet fruits have got a length of 15 cm.​

The banana skin has got red or burgundy color thanks to its high beta carotene content. Besides beta carotene, which is good for the immune system and skin, red banana contains a large number of valuable elements, such as potassium, fiber, vitamins C and B. 

The cutting process begins when the plant reaches the age 11–12  weeks.

red bananas
красный банан



Company BAGATOCORP provides more than 30 items of exotic fruits and berries: avocado, blueberry, sweet cucumber, dragon fruit, durian, figs, granadilla, guanabana, guava, habanero pepper, jackfruit, kumquat, longan, loquat, lychee, mango, mangosteen, maracuya, naranjilla, papaya, passion fruit, physalis, pineaple, rambutan, sapodilla, snake fruit, tamarillo, tamarind, wampi, water caltrop.

We would be pleased to provide you with more detailed information about any trade item that interests you the most.

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